Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

約書亞記 20


1耶和華對約書亞說: 「你吩咐以色列人,照我以前藉摩西所吩咐你們的,設立一些城邑作為避難城, 好讓那些誤殺了人的可以逃到那裡,免遭仇人追殺。 逃進城的人要先站在城門口,向避難城的長老陳明事情的經過,長老就把他們收容到城裡,給他們地方住。 如果他們的仇人追到,長老們不可把他們交出來,因為他們是無意殺的,跟被殺者無冤無仇。 這些人要住在城內,直到在會眾面前受了審訊,並且還要等到在任的大祭司死後,才可離城回鄉。」

於是,民眾便設立拿弗他利山區加利利境內的基低斯、以法蓮山區的示劍和猶大山區的基列·亞巴,即希伯崙作為避難城。 他們又在約旦河、耶利哥東面空曠的平原上設立呂便支派的比悉,迦得支派基列境內的拉末和瑪拿西支派巴珊境內的哥蘭作為避難城。 這是為以色列人和那些從外地來寄居的人所設立的避難城,誤殺了人的可以逃到那裡,不致未在會眾面前受審便死在報仇的人手裡。

New American Standard Bible

Joshua 20

Six Cities of Refuge

1Then the Lord spoke to Joshua, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘[a]Designate the cities of refuge, of which I spoke to you [b]through Moses, that the manslayer who [c]kills any person unintentionally, without premeditation, may flee there, and they shall become your refuge from the avenger of blood. He shall flee to one of these cities, and shall stand at the entrance of the gate of the city and state his case in the hearing of the elders of that city; and they shall [d]take him into the city to them and give him a place, so that he may dwell among them. Now if the avenger of blood pursues him, then they shall not deliver the manslayer into his hand, because he struck his neighbor without premeditation and did not hate him beforehand. He shall dwell in that city until he stands before the congregation for judgment, until the death of the one who is high priest in those days. Then the manslayer shall [e]return to his own city and to his own house, to the city from which he fled.’”

So they [f]set apart Kedesh in [g]Galilee in the hill country of Naphtali and Shechem in the hill country of Ephraim, and Kiriath-arba (that is, Hebron) in the hill country of Judah. Beyond the Jordan east of Jericho, they [h]designated Bezer in the wilderness on the plain from the tribe of Reuben, and Ramoth in Gilead from the tribe of Gad, and Golan in Bashan from the tribe of Manasseh. These were the appointed cities for all the sons of Israel and for the stranger who sojourns among them, that whoever [i]kills any person unintentionally may flee there, and not die by the hand of the avenger of blood until he stands before the congregation.

Notas al pie

  1. Joshua 20:2 Lit Set for yourselves
  2. Joshua 20:2 Lit by the hand of
  3. Joshua 20:3 Lit smites
  4. Joshua 20:4 Lit gather
  5. Joshua 20:6 Lit return and come
  6. Joshua 20:7 Lit sanctified
  7. Joshua 20:7 Heb Galil
  8. Joshua 20:8 Lit set
  9. Joshua 20:9 Lit smites