Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

約伯記 32


1三人見約伯自以為義,便不再回答他。 那時,蘭族的布西人巴拉迦的兒子以利戶對約伯很惱火,因為約伯自以為義,不承認上帝的公義。 他對約伯的三個朋友也很惱火,因為他們說約伯有罪,卻無法回答約伯的質問[a] 由於不及他們年長,以利戶便等他們說完才向約伯發言。 他見三人無法回答約伯,很惱火, 就說:

10 因此,請聽我說,
11 看啊,我一直等候你們發言,
12 我仔細聆聽,
13 你們不要說,『我們找到了智慧,
14 約伯沒有與我辯論,

15 「他們驚慌失措,無言以對,
16 難道他們不說話,站在那裡無言以對,
17 我也要作出答覆,
18 因為我心裡積滿了話,
19 我裡面像盛滿了酒,卻沒有出口,
20 我要一吐為快,
21 我不看人的情面,
22 我不善奉承,

Notas al pie

  1. 32·3 因為他們說約伯有罪,卻無法回答約伯的質問」有古卷作「因為他們無法回答約伯的質問,因而置上帝於不公」。

New American Standard Bible

Job 32

Elihu in Anger Rebukes Job

1Then these three men ceased answering Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes. But the anger of Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram burned; against Job his anger burned because he justified himself [a]before God. And his anger burned against his three friends because they had found no answer, and yet had condemned Job. Now Elihu had waited [b]to speak to Job because they were years older than he. And when Elihu saw that there was no answer in the mouth of the three men his anger burned.

So Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite [c]spoke out and said,

“I am young in years and you are old;
Therefore I was shy and afraid to tell you [d]what I think.
“I [e]thought [f]age should speak,
And [g]increased years should teach wisdom.
“But it is a spirit in man,
And the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding.
“The [h]abundant in years may not be wise,
Nor may elders understand justice.
10 “So I [i]say, ‘Listen to me,
I too will tell [j]what I think.’

11 “Behold, I waited for your words,
I listened to your reasonings,
While you [k]pondered what to say.
12 “I even paid close attention to you;
[l]Indeed, there was no one who refuted Job,
Not one of you who answered his words.
13 “Do not say,
‘We have found wisdom;
God will [m]rout him, not man.’
14 “For he has not arranged his words against me,
Nor will I reply to him with your [n]arguments.

15 “They are dismayed, they no longer answer;
Words have [o]failed them.
16 “Shall I wait, because they do not speak,
Because they [p]stop and no longer answer?
17 “I too will answer my share,
I also will tell my opinion.
18 “For I am full of words;
The spirit within me constrains me.
19 “Behold, my belly is like unvented wine,
Like new wineskins it is about to burst.
20 “Let me speak that I may get relief;
Let me open my lips and answer.
21 “Let me now be partial to no one,
Nor flatter any man.
22 “For I do not know how to flatter,
Else my Maker would soon take me away.

Notas al pie

  1. Job 32:2 Or more than
  2. Job 32:4 Lit for Job with words; or possibly while they were speaking with Job
  3. Job 32:6 Lit answered
  4. Job 32:6 Lit my knowledge
  5. Job 32:7 Lit said
  6. Job 32:7 Lit days
  7. Job 32:7 Lit many
  8. Job 32:9 Or nobles
  9. Job 32:10 Or said
  10. Job 32:10 Lit my knowledge
  11. Job 32:11 Lit searched out words
  12. Job 32:12 Lit Behold
  13. Job 32:13 Lit drive away
  14. Job 32:14 Lit words
  15. Job 32:15 Lit moved away from
  16. Job 32:16 Lit stand