Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

撒母耳記上 5


1非利士人將擄來的上帝的約櫃從以便以謝抬到亞實突城, 把它抬進大袞廟,放在大袞神像旁邊。 第二天早上,亞實突人起來,發現大袞神像倒在耶和華的約櫃前,面伏於地,他們就把大袞神像扶起來,放回原處。 次日早上起來,他們又發現大袞神像倒在耶和華的約櫃前,面伏於地,頭和雙手都在門檻處折斷了,只剩下軀幹。 因此,大袞的祭司和所有進亞實突 大袞廟的人至今都不踏廟的門檻。 耶和華重重地懲罰亞實突及附近村莊的居民,使他們都患上毒瘡。 亞實突人見此情形,就說:「以色列上帝的約櫃不能留在我們這裡,因為上帝重重地懲罰我們和我們的大袞神。」 亞實突人召集了非利士所有的首領,問他們:「我們如何處理以色列上帝的約櫃?」他們答道:「把它送到迦特去。」於是,眾人把以色列上帝的約櫃送到迦特。 約櫃抵達迦特的時候,耶和華攻擊那城,使那裡的男女老少都患了毒瘡,全城驚恐不已。 10 於是,他們把約櫃送往以革倫。以革倫的人看見上帝的約櫃到了,就驚叫道:「他們把以色列上帝的約櫃帶來是要害死我們和我們的人民!」 11 他們派人召集非利士的首領,說:「把以色列上帝的約櫃送回原處吧,免得它殺害我們和我們的人民。」因為上帝重重地懲罰他們,全城都籠罩在死亡的恐懼中。 12 那些沒有死的人都飽受毒瘡的折磨,城中的哭喊聲上達於天。

The Message

1 Samuel 5

Threatened with Mass Death

11-2 Once the Philistines had seized the Chest of God, they took it from Ebenezer to Ashdod, brought it into the shrine of Dagon, and placed it alongside the idol of Dagon.

3-5 Next morning when the citizens of Ashdod got up, they were shocked to find Dagon toppled from his place, flat on his face before the Chest of God. They picked him up and put him back where he belonged. First thing the next morning they found him again, toppled and flat on his face before the Chest of God. Dagon’s head and arms were broken off, strewn across the entrance. Only his torso was in one piece. (That’s why even today, the priests of Dagon and visitors to the Dagon shrine in Ashdod avoid stepping on the threshold.)

God was hard on the citizens of Ashdod. He devastated them by hitting them with tumors. This happened in both the town and the surrounding neighborhoods. He let loose rats among them. Jumping from ships there, rats swarmed all over the city! And everyone was deathly afraid.

7-8 When the leaders of Ashdod saw what was going on, they decided, “The chest of the god of Israel has got to go. We can’t handle this, and neither can our god Dagon.” They called together all the Philistine leaders and put it to them: “How can we get rid of the chest of the god of Israel?”

The leaders agreed: “Move it to Gath.” So they moved the Chest of the God of Israel to Gath.

But as soon as they moved it there, God came down hard on that city, too. It was mass hysteria! He hit them with tumors. Tumors broke out on everyone in town, young and old.

10-12 So they sent the Chest of God on to Ekron, but as the Chest was being brought into town, the people shouted in protest, “You’ll kill us all by bringing in this Chest of the God of Israel!” They called the Philistine leaders together and demanded, “Get it out of here, this Chest of the God of Israel. Send it back where it came from. We’re threatened with mass death!” For everyone was scared to death when the Chest of God showed up. God was already coming down very hard on the place. Those who didn’t die were hit with tumors. All over the city cries of pain and lament filled the air.