Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

撒迦利亚书 6:1-15


1我又举目观看,见有四辆马车从两座铜山之间出来。 2第一辆车套着红马,第二辆车套着黑马, 3第三辆车套着白马,第四辆车套着斑点马,马都很雄壮。 4我问与我说话的天使:“主啊,这些马车是什么意思?” 5天使说:“他们是侍立在天下之主面前的四灵6:5 ”或译“风”。,正在出发。” 6套着黑马的车前往北方,套着白马的车前往西方6:6 前往西方”或译“跟在后面”。,套着斑点马的车前往南方。 7这些雄壮的马出来,迫不及待地要巡察大地。天使说:“你们去巡察大地吧!”它们便遵命而行。 8他又高声对我说:“看啊,那些到北方去的已在那里使我的心得到安慰。”


9耶和华的话传给了我,说: 10“被掳到巴比伦黑玳多比雅耶大雅已经回来了,你要收集他们奉献的金银,并在当天去西番雅的儿子约西亚家。 11要用这些金银制作冠冕,戴在约撒答的儿子约书亚大祭司头上, 12告诉他,万军之耶和华说,‘看啊,那被称为大卫苗裔的要从自己的地方兴起,建造耶和华的殿。 13祂必建造耶和华的殿,带着王者的尊荣坐在宝座上掌权,宝座上也必坐着祭司6:13 宝座上也必坐着祭司”或译“并在宝座上做祭司”。,两者和谐共存。’ 14这冠冕要留在耶和华的殿中,作为对黑玳6:14 黑玳”希伯来文作“希连”。多比雅耶大雅西番雅的儿子约西亚6:14 约西亚”希伯来文作“贤”,意思是“恩慈者”。的纪念。”


New International Reader's Version

Zechariah 6:1-15

A Vision of Four Chariots

1I looked up again and saw four chariots. They were coming out from between two mountains. The mountains were made out of bronze. 2The first chariot was pulled by red horses. The second one had black horses. 3The third had white horses. And the fourth had spotted horses. All the horses were powerful. 4I asked the angel who was talking with me, “Sir, what are these?”

5The angel answered, “The four spirits of heaven. They are going out to serve the Lord of the whole world. 6The chariot pulled by the black horses is going toward the north country. The one with the white horses is going toward the west. And the one with the spotted horses is going toward the south.”

7The powerful horses went out. They were in a hurry to go all over the earth. The angel said, “Go all through the earth!” So they did.

8Then the Lord called out to me, “Look! The horses going toward the north have given my Spirit rest in the north country.”

A Crown Is Given to Joshua

9A message from the Lord came to me. His angel said, 10“Get some silver and gold from Heldai, Tobijah and Jedaiah. They have just come back from Babylon. On that same day go to Josiah’s house. He is the son of Zephaniah. 11Use the silver and gold to make a crown. Set it on the head of Joshua the high priest. He is the son of Jozadak. 12Give Joshua a message from the Lord who rules over all. He says, ‘Here is the man whose name is the Branch. He will branch out and build my temple. 13That is what he will do. He will be dressed in majesty as if it were his royal robe. He will sit as king on his throne. He will also be a priest there. So he will combine the positions of king and priest in himself.’ 14The crown will be given to Heldai, Tobijah, Jedaiah and Zephaniah’s son Hen. The crown will be kept in the Lord’s temple. It will remind everyone that the Lord’s promises will come true. 15Those who are far away will come to Jerusalem. They will help build the Lord’s temple. Then his people will know that the Lord who rules over all has sent me to them. It will happen if they are careful to obey the Lord their God.”