Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

撒迦利亚书 11:1-17













4我的上帝耶和华说:“你去牧养这群待宰的羊吧。 5买羊宰羊的不受惩罚,卖羊的说,‘耶和华当受称颂!我发财了。’它们的牧人不怜悯它们。 6因此,我不再怜悯这地方的居民,我要使他们落在邻人及其君王手中,任这地方被摧毁,必不从敌人手中拯救他们。这是耶和华说的。”

7于是,我牧养这群最困苦的待宰之羊。我拿了两根杖,一根叫“恩惠”,一根叫“联合”,开始牧养羊群。 8我在一个月之内除掉了三个牧人。

然而,我厌烦羊群,他们也厌恶我。 9于是我说:“我不再牧养你们了。要死的就死吧,要灭亡的就灭亡吧,让剩下的互相吞吃吧。” 10然后,我拿起那根叫“恩惠”的杖,把它折断,以废除我与万民所立的约。 11约就在当天废除了,那些注视着我的困苦羊便知道这是上帝的话。

12我对他们说:“你们若认为好,就给我工钱,不然就算了。”于是,他们给了我三十块银子作工钱。 13耶和华对我说:“把这一大笔钱丢给窑户吧,这就是我在他们眼中的价值!”我便把三十块银子丢给圣殿中的窑户。 14我又把那根叫“联合”的杖折断,以断开犹大以色列之间的手足之情。

15耶和华又对我说:“你再拿起愚昧牧人的器具, 16因为我要使一位牧人在地上兴起,他不照顾丧亡的,不寻找失散的,不医治受伤的,不牧养健壮的,反而吃肥羊的肉,撕掉它们的蹄子。





New International Reader's Version

Zechariah 11:1-17

1Lebanon, open your doors!

Then fire can burn up your cedar trees.

2Juniper trees, cry out!

The cedar trees have fallen down.

The majestic trees are destroyed.

Cry out, you oak trees of Bashan!

The thick forest has been cut down.

3Listen to the shepherds cry out!

Their rich grasslands are destroyed.

Listen to the lions roar!

The trees and bushes along the Jordan River are gone.

The Two Shepherds

4The Lord my God says, “Take care of the sheep that are set apart to be sacrificed. 5Those who buy them kill them. And they are not punished for it. Those who sell them say, ‘Praise the Lord! We’re rich!’ And their own shepherds do not spare them. 6I will no longer have pity on the people in the land,” announces the Lord. “I will hand all of them over to their neighbors and their king. They will destroy the land. And I will not save anyone from their power.”

7So I took care of the sheep set apart to be sacrificed. I took special care of those that had been treated badly. Then I got two shepherd’s staffs. I called one of them Favor. I called the other one Union. And I took care of the flock. 8In one month I got rid of three worthless shepherds.

The sheep hated me, and I got tired of them. 9So I said, “I won’t be your shepherd anymore. Let those of you who are dying die. Let those who are passing away pass away. Let those who are left eat one another up.”

10Then I got my staff called Favor. I broke it. That meant the covenant the Lord had made with all the nations was broken. 11It happened that day. The sheep that had been treated badly were watching me. They knew it was the Lord’s message.

12I told them, “If you think it is best, give me my pay. But if you don’t think so, keep it.” So they paid me 30 silver coins.

13The Lord said to me, “Throw those coins to the potter.” That amount shows how little they valued me! So I threw the 30 silver coins to the potter at the Lord’s temple.

14Then I broke my second staff called Union. That broke the family connection between Judah and Israel.

15The Lord said to me, “Now pretend to be a foolish shepherd. Get the things you need. 16I am going to raise up a shepherd over the land. He will not take care of those that are wounded. He will not look for the young ones. He will not heal those that are hurt. He will not feed the healthy ones. Instead, he will eat the best sheep. He will even tear their hooves off.

17“How terrible it will be for that worthless shepherd!

He deserts the flock.

May a sword strike his arm and his right eye!

May his powerful arm become weak!

May his right eye be totally blinded!”