Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

彼得前书 4


1既然基督曾在肉身上为你们受苦,你们也要怀着同样的心志,因为肉体受过苦的人已经与罪断绝了关系, 可以在今后的生活中不再随从人的私欲,只服从上帝的旨意。 你们从前长期沉溺于异教徒的嗜好——淫乱、纵欲、醉酒、狂欢、宴乐和可憎的偶像崇拜。 如今你们不再和他们同流合污,他们觉得奇怪,就用恶言毁谤你们。 但他们将来必须向审判活人和死人的主交账。 正因如此,福音也曾传给已死的人。这样,他们的肉体虽然像世人一样受了审判,他们的灵魂却可以靠上帝活着。


万物的尽头快到了。因此,你们要谨慎自律,警醒祷告。 最重要的是要彼此真诚相爱,因为爱可以遮盖许多罪。 要互相接待,不发怨言, 10 按着自己所得的恩赐彼此服侍,做上帝各样恩典的好管家。 11 能讲道的,要按着上帝的话去讲;能服侍人的,要本着上帝所赐的力量去服侍。这样,上帝会借着耶稣基督在一切的事上得到荣耀。



12 亲爱的弟兄姊妹,若有火一般的试炼临到你们,不要觉得奇怪,以为发生了什么不寻常的事, 13 反倒要欢喜,因为你们是与基督一起受苦。这样,你们在祂的荣耀显现时可以和祂一同欢喜快乐。 14 如果你们为基督的缘故受辱骂,就有福了!因为上帝荣耀的灵常住在你们身上。 15 你们谁也不可因杀人、偷盗、作恶或管闲事而受苦。 16 若是为了做基督徒而受苦,不要觉得羞耻,要因这身份归荣耀给上帝。 17 因为时候到了,审判要先从上帝的家开始。如果审判要从我们开始,那些不信从上帝福音的人会有怎样的结局呢? 18 如果义人得救尚且不易,不敬虔的人和罪人会有什么下场呢? 19 所以,照上帝旨意受苦的人要继续专心行善,将自己的灵魂交托给那位信实的造物主。

New International Reader's Version

1 Peter 4

Living for God

1Christ suffered in his body. So prepare yourselves to think in the same way Christ did. Do this because whoever suffers in their body is finished with sin. As a result, they don’t live the rest of their earthly life for evil human desires. Instead, they live to do what God wants. You have spent enough time in the past doing what ungodly people choose to do. You lived a wild life. You longed for evil things. You got drunk. You went to wild parties. You worshiped statues of gods, which the Lord hates. Ungodly people are surprised that you no longer join them in what they do. They want you to join them in their wild and wasteful living. So they say bad things about you. But they will have to explain their actions to God. He is ready to judge those who are alive and those who are dead. That’s why the good news was preached even to people who are now dead. It was preached to them for two reasons. It was preached so that their bodies might be judged. This judgment is made by human standards. But the good news was also preached so that their spirits might live. This life comes by means of God’s power.

The end of all things is near. So be watchful and control yourselves. Then you may pray. Most of all, love one another deeply. Love erases many sins by forgiving them. Welcome others into your homes without complaining. 10 God’s gifts of grace come in many forms. Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others. You should use it faithfully. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do it as one speaking God’s words. If anyone serves, they should do it with the strength God provides. Then in all things God will be praised through Jesus Christ. Glory and power belong to him for ever and ever. Amen.

Suffering for Being a Christian

12 Dear friends, don’t be surprised by the terrible things happening to you. The trouble you are having has come to test you. So don’t feel as if something strange were happening to you. 13 Instead, be joyful that you are taking part in Christ’s sufferings. Then you will have even more joy when Christ returns in glory. 14 Suppose people say bad things about you because you believe in Christ. Then you are blessed, because God’s Spirit rests on you. He is the Spirit of glory. 15 If you suffer, it shouldn’t be because you are a murderer. It shouldn’t be because you are a thief or someone who does evil things. It shouldn’t be because you interfere with other people’s business. 16 But suppose you suffer for being a Christian. Then don’t be ashamed. Instead, praise God because you are known by the name of Christ. 17 It is time for judgment to begin with the household of God. And since it begins with us, what will happen to people who don’t obey God’s good news? 18 Scripture says,

“Suppose it is hard for godly people to be saved.
    Then what will happen to ungodly people and sinners?” (Proverbs 11:31)

19 Here is what people who suffer because of God’s plan should do. They should commit themselves to their faithful Creator. And they should continue to do good.