Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

利未记 10


1亚伦的儿子拿答和亚比户各拿自己的香炉,点火加香,在耶和华面前献上凡火。他们这样做不合耶和华的吩咐。 于是,有火从耶和华面前出来吞噬了他们,他们就死在耶和华面前。 摩西告诉亚伦:“耶和华曾说过,‘我要在事奉我的人[a]中显明我的圣洁,在所有子民面前彰显我的荣耀。’”亚伦默默无言。 摩西叫来亚伦的叔父乌薛的儿子米沙利和以利撒反,对他们说:“过来,把你们弟兄的尸体从圣所前抬到营外去。” 他们就遵照摩西的吩咐,把仍穿着内袍的尸体抬到营外。 摩西对亚伦和他剩下的两个儿子以利亚撒和以他玛说:“你们不要蓬头散发,也不要撕裂衣服,免得你们死亡,也免得耶和华向全体会众发怒。不过,你们的所有以色列同胞都可以为耶和华用火烧死的人哀伤。 你们不可走出会幕门口,否则你们都会死,因为耶和华的膏油在你们身上。”他们就遵照摩西的话去做。


耶和华对亚伦说: “你和你儿子们进会幕前,淡酒烈酒都不可喝,否则你们都会死。你们世世代代都要遵守这永远的条例。 10 你们必须明辨什么是圣洁的、什么是世俗的,什么是洁净的、什么是不洁净的。 11 你们必须将我借摩西赐给以色列人的一切律例教导他们。”

12 摩西对亚伦及其两个儿子以利亚撒和以他玛说:“你们要把献给耶和华的火祭中剩下的素祭做成无酵饼,在坛边吃,因为这是至圣之物。 13 你们要在圣洁之处吃,因为在献给耶和华的火祭中,这是你们和你们的子孙应得之份。这是耶和华对我的吩咐。 14 至于作摇祭的胸肉和作举祭的腿肉,你们和你们的子孙可以在洁净的地方吃。因为在以色列人所献的平安祭中,这是你们应得之份。 15 在献火祭的脂肪时,要把作举祭的腿肉和作摇祭的胸肉一起带到耶和华面前,这些永远是你们和你们的子孙应得之份,正如耶和华的吩咐。”

16 摩西到处寻找那只作赎罪祭的公山羊,却发现那只羊已经被焚烧了。他愤怒地对亚伦剩下的两个儿子以利亚撒和以他玛说: 17 “你们为什么不在圣洁之处吃这赎罪祭?这是至圣之物,耶和华赐给你们是要叫你们为会众担罪,在耶和华面前为他们赎罪。 18 既然这祭牲的血没有被带进圣所,你们本应按照我的吩咐在圣洁之处吃这祭肉。” 19 亚伦对摩西说:“看啊,他们今天向耶和华献赎罪祭和燔祭,却有这样的灾祸发生在我身上。今天我如果吃了这赎罪祭的祭肉,耶和华会悦纳吗?” 20 摩西对亚伦的回答感到满意。

Notas al pie

  1. 10:3 事奉我的人”希伯来文是“靠近我的人”。

The Message

Leviticus 10

Nadab and Abihu

11-2 That same day Nadab and Abihu, Aaron’s sons, took their censers, put hot coals and incense in them, and offered “strange” fire to God—something God had not commanded. Fire blazed out from God and consumed them—they died in God’s presence.

Moses said to Aaron, “This is what God meant when he said,

To the one who comes near me,
    I will show myself holy;
Before all the people,
    I will show my glory.”

Aaron was silent.

4-5 Moses called for Mishael and Elzaphan, sons of Uzziel, Aaron’s uncle. He said, “Come. Carry your dead cousins outside the camp, away from the Sanctuary.” They came and carried them off, outside the camp, just as Moses had directed.

6-7 Moses then said to Aaron and his remaining sons, Eleazar and Ithamar, “No mourning rituals for you—unkempt hair, torn clothes—or you’ll also die and God will be angry with the whole congregation. Your relatives—all the People of Israel, in fact—will do the mourning over those God has destroyed by fire. And don’t leave the entrance to the Tent of Meeting lest you die, because God’s anointing oil is on you.”

They did just as Moses said.

8-11 God instructed Aaron: “When you enter the Tent of Meeting, don’t drink wine or strong drink, neither you nor your sons, lest you die. This is a fixed rule down through the generations. Distinguish between the holy and the common, between the ritually clean and unclean. Teach the People of Israel all the decrees that God has spoken to them through Moses.”

12-15 Moses spoke to Aaron and his surviving sons, Eleazar and Ithamar, “Take the leftovers of the Grain-Offering from the Fire-Gifts for God and eat beside the Altar that which has been prepared without yeast, for it is most holy. Eat it in the Holy Place because it is your portion and the portion of your sons from the Fire-Gifts for God. This is what God commanded me. Also, you and your sons and daughters are to eat the breast of the Wave-Offering and the thigh of the Contribution-Offering in a clean place. They are provided as your portion and the portion of your children from the Peace-Offerings presented by the People of Israel. Bring the thigh of the Contribution-Offering and the breast of the Wave-Offering and the fat pieces of the Fire-Gifts and lift them up as a Wave-Offering. This will be the regular share for you and your children as ordered by God.”

16-18 When Moses looked into the matter of the goat of the Absolution-Offering, he found that it had been burned up. He became angry with Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron’s remaining sons, and asked, “Why didn’t you eat the Absolution-Offering in the Holy Place since it is most holy? The offering was given to you for taking away the guilt of the community by making atonement for them before God. Since its blood was not taken into the Holy Place, you should have eaten the goat in the Sanctuary as I commanded.”

19 Aaron replied to Moses, “Look. They sacrificed their Absolution-Offering and Whole-Burnt-Offering before God today, and you see what has happened to me—I’ve lost two sons. Do you think God would have been pleased if I had gone ahead and eaten the Absolution-Offering today?”

20 When Moses heard this response, he accepted it.