Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

以赛亚书 20


1亚述王撒珥根派元帅攻陷非利士的亚实突城那年, 耶和华吩咐亚摩斯的儿子以赛亚脱去身上的麻衣和脚上的鞋。以赛亚便遵命裸身赤足而行。 耶和华说:“我仆人以赛亚已经裸身赤足行走三年,作为惩罚埃及和古实的标记和预兆。 亚述王必把埃及和古实的老老少少裸身赤足地掳走,使埃及蒙受羞辱。 那些仰赖古实、仗着埃及夸口的人必惊恐羞愧。 那时,沿海一带的居民必说,‘看啊!我们投靠他们,指望他们救我们脱离亚述,他们竟落到这个地步!我们怎能逃脱呢?’”

The Message

Isaiah 20

Exposed to Mockery and Jeers

11-2 In the year the field commander, sent by King Sargon of Assyria, came to Ashdod and fought and took it, God told Isaiah son of Amoz, “Go, take off your clothes and sandals,” and Isaiah did it, going about naked and barefooted.

3-6 Then God said, “Just as my servant Isaiah has walked around town naked and barefooted for three years as a warning sign to Egypt and Ethiopia, so the king of Assyria is going to come and take the Egyptians as captives and the Ethiopians as exiles. He’ll take young and old alike and march them out of there naked and barefooted, exposed to mockery and jeers—the bared buttocks of Egypt on parade! Everyone who has put hope in Ethiopia and expected help from Egypt will be thrown into confusion. Everyone who lives along this coast will say, ‘Look at them! Naked and barefooted, shuffling off to exile! And we thought they were our best hope, that they’d rescue us from the king of Assyria. Now what’s going to happen to us? How are we going to get out of this?’”