Amplified Bible

Psalm 89

The Lord’s Covenant with David, and Israel’s Afflictions.

A skillful song, or a didactic or reflective poem, of Ethan the Ezrahite.

1I will sing of the goodness and lovingkindness of the Lord forever;
With my mouth I will make known Your faithfulness from generation to generation.

For I have said, “Goodness and lovingkindness will be built up forever;
In the heavens [unchangeable and majestic] You will establish Your faithfulness.”

[God has said] “I have made a covenant with My chosen one;
I have sworn to David My servant,

I will establish your seed forever
And I will build up your throne for all generations.” Selah.

The heavens (angels) praise Your wonders, O Lord,
Your faithfulness also in the assembly of the holy ones.

For who in the heavens can be compared to the Lord?
Who among the divine beings is like the Lord,

A God greatly feared and reverently worshiped in the council of the holy [angelic] ones,
And awesome above all those who are around Him?

O Lord God of hosts, who is like You, O mighty Lord?
Your faithfulness surrounds You [as an intrinsic, unchangeable part of Your very being].

You rule the swelling of the sea;
When its waves rise, You still them.
You have crushed Rahab (Egypt) like one who is slain;
You have scattered Your enemies with Your mighty arm.

The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours;
The world and all that is in it, You have founded and established them.
The north and the south, You have created them;
Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon shout for joy at Your name.
You have a strong arm;
Mighty is Your hand, Your right hand is exalted.
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;
Lovingkindness and truth go before You.
Blessed and happy are the people who know the joyful sound [of the trumpet’s blast]!
They walk, O Lord, in the light and favor of Your countenance!
In Your name they rejoice all the day,
And in Your righteousness they are exalted.
For You are the glory of their strength [their proud adornment],
And by Your favor our horn is exalted.
For our shield belongs to the Lord,
And our king to the Holy One of Israel.

Once You spoke in a vision to Your godly ones,
And said, “I have given help to one who is mighty [giving him the power to be a champion for Israel];
I have exalted one chosen from the people.
“I have found David My servant;
With My holy oil I have anointed him,
With whom My hand shall be established and steadfast;
My arm also shall strengthen him.
“The enemy will not outwit him,
Nor will the wicked man afflict or humiliate him.
“I will crush his adversaries before him,
And strike those who hate him.
“My faithfulness and My steadfast lovingkindness shall be with him,
And in My name shall his horn be exalted [great power and prosperity shall be conferred upon him].
“I will also [a]set his hand on the [Mediterranean] sea,
And his right hand on the rivers [the tributaries of the Euphrates].
“He will cry to Me, ‘You are my Father,
My God, and the rock of my salvation.’
“I will also make him My firstborn (preeminent),
The highest of the kings of the earth.
“My lovingkindness I will keep for him forevermore,
And My covenant will be confirmed to him.
“His descendants I will establish forever,
And his throne [will endure] as the days of heaven.

“If his children [b]turn away from My law
And do not walk in My ordinances,
If they break My statutes
And do not keep My commandments,
Then I will punish their transgression with the rod [of discipline],
And [correct] their wickedness with stripes.
“Nevertheless, I will not break off My lovingkindness from him,
Nor allow My faithfulness to fail.
“My covenant I will not violate,
Nor will I alter the utterance of My lips.
“Once [for all] I have sworn by My holiness, [My vow which cannot be violated];
I will not lie to David.
“His [c]descendants shall endure forever
And his throne [will continue] as the sun before Me.
“It shall be established forever like the moon,
And the witness in the heavens is ever faithful.” Selah.

But [in apparent contradiction of all this] You [the faithful Lord] have cast off and rejected;
You have been full of wrath against Your anointed.
You have spurned and repudiated the covenant with Your servant;
You have profaned his crown [by casting it] in the dust.
You have broken down all his [city] walls;
You have brought his strongholds to ruin.
All who pass along the road rob him;
He has become the scorn of his neighbors.
You have exalted the right hand of his foes;
You have made all his enemies rejoice.
Also, You have turned back the edge of his sword
And have not made him [strong enough] to stand in battle.
You have put an end to his splendor
And have hurled his throne to the ground.
You have shortened the days of his youth;
You have covered him with shame. Selah.

How long, O Lord?
Will You hide Yourself forever?
Will Your wrath burn like fire?
Remember how fleeting my lifetime is;
For what vanity, [for what emptiness, for what futility, for what wisp of smoke] You have created all the sons of men!
What man can live and not see death?
Can he rescue his soul from the [powerful] hand of Sheol (the nether world, the place of the dead)? Selah.

O Lord, where are Your former lovingkindnesses [so abundant in the days of David and Solomon],
Which You swore to David in Your faithfulness?
Remember, O Lord, the reproach of Your servants [scorned, insulted, and disgraced];
How I bear in [d]my heart the reproach of all the many peoples,
With which Your enemies have taunted, O Lord,
With which they have mocked the footsteps of Your anointed.

Blessed be the Lord forevermore!
Amen and Amen.

Notas al pie

  1. Psalm 89:25 I.e. extend his area of influence.
  2. Psalm 89:30 Lit forsake.
  3. Psalm 89:36 Lit seed.
  4. Psalm 89:50 Lit the fold of my garment.

New International Reader's Version

Psalm 89

Psalm 89

A maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite.

Lord, I will sing about your great love forever.
    For all time to come, I will tell how faithful you are.
I will tell everyone that your love stands firm forever.
    I will tell them that you are always faithful, even in heaven itself.

You said, “Here is the covenant I have made with my chosen one.
    Here is the promise I have made to my servant David.
‘I will make your family line continue forever.
    I will make your kingdom secure for all time to come.’ ”

Lord, the heavens praise you for your wonderful deeds.
    When your holy angels gather together,
    they praise you for how faithful you are.
Who in the skies above can compare with the Lord?
    Who among the angels is like the Lord?
God is highly respected among his holy angels.
    He’s more wonderful than all those who are around him.
Lord God who rules over all, who is like you?
    Lord, you are mighty. You are faithful in everything you do.

You rule over the stormy sea.
    When its waves rise up, you calm them down.
10 You crushed Egypt and killed her people.
    With your powerful arm you scattered your enemies.
11 The heavens belong to you. The earth is yours also.
    You made the world and everything that is in it.
12 You created everything from north to south.
    Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon sing to you with joy.
13 Your arm is powerful.
    Your hand is strong.
    Your right hand is mighty.

14 Your kingdom is built on what is right and fair.
    Your faithful love leads the way in front of you.
15 Blessed are those who have learned to shout praise to you.
    Lord, they live in the light of your kindness.
16 All day long they are full of joy because of who you are.
    They celebrate the fact that you do what is right.
17 You bring them glory and give them strength.
    You are pleased to honor our king.
18 Our king is like a shield that keeps us safe.
    He belongs to the Lord.
    He belongs to the Holy One of Israel.

19 You once spoke to your faithful people in a vision.
    You said, “I have given strength to a soldier.
    I have raised up a young man from among the people.
20 I have found my servant David.
    I have poured my sacred oil on his head.
21 My powerful hand will keep him going.
    My mighty arm will give him strength.
22 No enemy will have the victory over him.
    No evil person will treat him badly.
23 I will crush the king’s enemies.
    I will completely destroy them.
24 I will love him and be faithful to him.
    Because of me his power will increase.
25 I will give him a great kingdom.
    It will reach from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River.
26 He will call out to me, ‘You are my Father.
    You are my God. You are my Rock and Savior.’
27 I will also make him my oldest son.
    Among all the kings of the earth, he will be the most important one.
28 I will continue to love him forever.
    I will never break my covenant with him.
29 I will make his family line continue forever.
    His kingdom will last as long as the heavens.

30 “What if his sons turn away from my laws
    and do not follow them?
31 What if they disobey my orders
    and fail to keep my commands?
32 Then I will punish them for their sins.
    I will strike them with a rod.
    I will whip them for their evil acts.
33 But I will not stop loving David.
    I will always be faithful to him.
34 I will not break my covenant.
    I will not go back on my word.
35 Once and for all, I have made a promise.
    It is based on my holiness.
    And I will not lie to David.
36 His family line will continue forever.
    His kingdom will last as long as the sun.
37 It will last forever like the moon,
    that faithful witness in the sky.”

38 But you have turned your back on your anointed king.
    You have been very angry with him.
39 You have broken the covenant you made with him.
    You have thrown your servant’s crown into the dirt.
40 You have broken through the walls around his city.
    You have completely destroyed his secure places.
41 All those who pass by have carried off what belonged to him.
    His neighbors make fun of him.
42 You have made his enemies strong.
    You have made all of them happy.
43 You have made his sword useless.
    You have not helped him in battle.
44 You have put an end to his glory.
    You have knocked his throne to the ground.
45 You have cut short the days of his life.
    You have covered him with shame.

46 Lord, how long will you hide yourself? Will it be forever?
    How long will your anger burn like fire?
47 Remember how short my life is.
    You have created all people for such a useless purpose!
48 Who can live and not die?
    Who can escape the power of the grave?
49 Lord, where is the great love you used to have?
    You faithfully promised it to David.
50 Lord, remember how my enemies have made fun of me.
    I’ve had to put up with mean words from all the nations.
51 Lord, your enemies have said mean things.
    They have laughed at everything your anointed king has done.

52 Give praise to the Lord forever!
Amen and Amen.