Amplified Bible

Nehemiah 9

The People Confess Their Sin

1Now on the twenty-fourth day of this month the Israelites assembled with fasting and in sackcloth and with dirt [a]on their heads. The [b]descendants of Israel (Jacob) separated themselves from all foreigners, and stood and confessed their sins and the wrongdoings of their fathers. While they stood in their places, they read from the Book of the Law of the Lord their God for a fourth of the day and for another fourth [of it] they confessed [their sins] and worshiped the Lord their God. On the platform of the Levites stood Jeshua, Bani, Kadmiel, Shebaniah, Bunni, Sherebiah, Bani, and Chenani, and they called out with a loud voice to the Lord their God.

Then the Levites—Jeshua, Kadmiel, Bani, Hashabneiah, Sherebiah, Hodiah, Shebaniah, and Pethahiah—said, “Stand up and bless (praise, honor) the Lord your God from [c]everlasting to everlasting.

May Your glorious name be blessed
And exalted above all blessing and praise.”

[And Ezra said],
“You are the Lord, You alone;
You have made the heavens,
The heaven of heavens with all their host (the heavenly bodies),
The earth and everything that is on it,
The seas and everything that is in them.
You give life to all of them,
And the heavenly host is bowing down [in worship] to You.

“You are the Lord God,
Who chose Abram
And brought him out of Ur of the Chaldees,
And gave him the name Abraham.

“You found his heart to be faithful [d]before You,
And You [e]made a covenant with him
To give him the land of the Canaanite,
Of the Hittite, of the Amorite,
Of the Perizzite, the Jebusite, and the Girgashite—
To give it to his descendants.
And You have fulfilled Your promise,
For You are righteous and just.

“You saw our fathers’ affliction in Egypt,
And You heard their cry by the Red Sea (Sea of Reeds).
“Then You performed signs and wonders against Pharaoh,
Against all his servants and all the people of his land;
For You knew that they behaved arrogantly toward them (the Israelites),
And You made a name for Yourself, as it is to this day.
“You divided the sea before them,
So that they passed through the midst of the sea on dry land;
You hurled their pursuers into the depths,
Like a stone into mighty and raging waters.
“And with a pillar of cloud You led them by day,
And with a pillar of fire by night
To light the way for them
In which they were to go.
“Then You came down on Mount Sinai,
And spoke with them from heaven;
And You gave them fair ordinances and true laws,
Good statutes and commandments.
“So You made known to them Your holy Sabbath,
And gave them commandments, statutes, and law,
[f]Through Your servant Moses.
“You gave them bread from heaven for their hunger,
And brought water for them out of a rock for their thirst,
And You told them to enter and take possession of
The land that You [g]swore to give them.

“But they, our fathers, acted arrogantly;
They stiffened their necks and would not heed Your commandments.
“They refused to listen and obey,
And did not remember Your wondrous acts which You had performed among them;
So they stiffened their necks and [in their rebellion] appointed a leader in order to return them to slavery in Egypt.
But You are a God of forgiveness,
Gracious and merciful and compassionate,
[h]Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness;
And You did not abandon them.
“Even when they had made for themselves
A [i]calf of cast metal
And said, ‘This is your god
Who brought you up from Egypt,’
And committed great [and contemptible] blasphemies,
You, in Your great mercy and compassion,
Did not abandon them in the wilderness;
The pillar of the cloud did not leave them by day,
To lead them in the way,
Nor the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way they should go.
“You [also] gave Your good Spirit to instruct them,
You did not withhold Your manna from their mouth,
And You gave them water for their thirst.
“Indeed, for forty years You sustained them in the wilderness; they lacked nothing,
Their clothes did not wear out, and their feet did not swell.
“You also gave them kingdoms and peoples,
And You allotted the kingdoms to them as a boundary.
So they took possession of the land of Sihon king of Heshbon
And the land of Og king of Bashan.
“You made their children as numerous as the stars of heaven,
And You brought them into the land
Which You told their fathers to enter and possess.
“So their sons (descendants) went in and took possession of the land;
And You subdued before them the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites,
And You gave them into their hand, with their kings and the peoples of the land,
To do with them as they pleased.
“They captured fortified cities and a fertile land.
They took possession of houses full of all good things,
Hewn cisterns, vineyards, olive groves,
And [j]fruit trees in abundance.
So they ate and were filled and became fat,
And they reveled and were delighted in Your great goodness.

“Yet they were disobedient and rebelled against You,
And cast Your law behind their backs
And killed Your prophets who warned them
To return to You;
And they committed great [and contemptible] blasphemies.
“Therefore You handed them over to their enemies who oppressed them.
But when they cried out to You in the time of their suffering and distress,
You heard them from heaven, and according to Your great compassion You gave them [k]people to rescue them.
Who rescued them from the hand of their enemies.
“But as soon as they had rest, they again did evil before You;
Therefore You abandoned them into the hand of their enemies, so that they ruled over them.
Yet when they turned and cried out again to You, You heard them from heaven,
And You rescued them many times in accordance with Your compassion,
And You admonished them and warned them to turn them back to Your law.
Yet they acted presumptuously and arrogantly and did not heed Your commandments, but sinned against Your ordinances,
Which by keeping, a man will live.
But they turned a stubborn shoulder, stiffened their neck, and would not listen.
“Yet You were patient with them for many years,
And admonished them and warned them by Your Spirit through Your prophets;
Still they would not [l]listen.
Therefore You gave them into the hand (power) of the peoples of the lands.
“Yet in Your great compassion You did not utterly destroy them or abandon them,
For You are a gracious and merciful God.

“Now therefore, our God, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who keeps the covenant and lovingkindness,
Do not let all the hardship seem insignificant before You,
Which has come upon us, our kings, our princes, our priests, our prophets, our fathers and on all Your people,
Since the time of the kings of Assyria to this day.
“However, You are just and righteous in everything that has come upon us;
For You have dealt faithfully, but we have acted wickedly.
Our kings, our princes, our priests, and our fathers have not kept Your law
Or paid attention to Your commandments and Your warnings which You have given them.
“But they, in their kingdom,
With Your great goodness which You gave them,
With the broad and rich land which You set before them,
Did not serve You or turn from their wicked deeds.
“Behold, we are slaves today,
And as for the land which You gave our fathers, to eat of its fruit and its goodness,
Behold, we are slaves in it.
“Its abundant produce is for the kings
Whom You have set over us because of our sins;
They also rule over our bodies
And over our cattle as they please,
So we are in great distress.

A Covenant Results

[m]Now because of all this
We are making an agreement in writing;
And on the sealed document are the names of our princes, our Levites, and our priests.”

Notas al pie

  1. Nehemiah 9:1 Lit upon them.
  2. Nehemiah 9:2 Lit seed.
  3. Nehemiah 9:5 Lit from the eternity to the eternity.
  4. Nehemiah 9:8 Lit before Your face.
  5. Nehemiah 9:8 Lit cut.
  6. Nehemiah 9:14 Lit by the hand of.
  7. Nehemiah 9:15 Lit lifted up Your hand.
  8. Nehemiah 9:17 Lit with a long nose.
  9. Nehemiah 9:18 The selection of a calf-god was probably inspired by the Egyptian bull-god Apis (Hapis), believed to be a living manifestation of the Egyptian god, Ptah. In ancient Egypt, a bull-calf with specific markings was chosen from the herd and worshiped as Apis. The Apis was the most important of the sacred animals of Egypt. At the age of twenty-eight the Apis bull was sacrificed and buried in a highly structured ritual and a new bull-calf was selected to take his place. Numerous elaborate burial sites containing the Apis bulls have been discovered in Egypt. Both the Greeks and Romans adopted the cultic worship of Apis and it continued until about a.d. 400.
  10. Nehemiah 9:25 Lit food.
  11. Nehemiah 9:27 Lit deliverers.
  12. Nehemiah 9:30 Lit give ear.
  13. Nehemiah 9:38 Ch 10:1 in Hebrew.

Nueva Versión Internacional

Nehemías 9

Los israelitas confiesan sus pecados

1El día veinticuatro de ese mes los israelitas se reunieron para ayunar, se vistieron de luto y se echaron ceniza sobre la cabeza. Habiéndose separado de los extranjeros, confesaron públicamente sus propios pecados y la maldad de sus antepasados, y asumieron así su responsabilidad. Durante tres horas leyeron el libro de la ley del Señor su Dios, y en las tres horas siguientes[a] le confesaron sus pecados y lo adoraron. Luego los levitas Jesúa, Baní, Cadmiel, Sebanías, Buní, Serebías, Baní y Quenaní subieron a la plataforma y en alta voz invocaron al Señor su Dios. Y los levitas Jesúa, Cadmiel, Baní, Jasabnías, Serebías, Hodías, Sebanías y Petaías clamaron:

«¡Vamos, bendigan al Señor su Dios
    desde ahora y para siempre!
¡Bendito seas, Señor!
    ¡Sea exaltado tu glorioso nombre,
    que está por encima de toda bendición y alabanza!

»¡Solo tú eres el Señor!
    Tú has hecho los cielos,
y los cielos de los cielos
    con todas sus estrellas.[b]
Tú le das vida a todo lo creado:
    la tierra y el mar
con todo lo que hay en ellos.
    ¡Por eso te adoran los ejércitos del cielo!

»Tú, Señor y Dios,
    fuiste quien escogió a Abram.
Tú lo sacaste de Ur de los caldeos
    y le pusiste por nombre Abraham.
Descubriste en él un corazón fiel;
    por eso hiciste con él un pacto.
Le prometiste que a sus descendientes
    les darías la tierra de los cananeos,
de los hititas, amorreos y ferezeos,
    de los jebuseos y gergeseos.
Y cumpliste tu palabra
    porque eres justo.

»En Egipto viste la aflicción de nuestros padres;
    junto al Mar Rojo escuchaste sus lamentos.
10 Lanzaste grandes señales y maravillas
    contra el faraón, sus siervos y toda su gente,
porque viste la insolencia
    con que habían tratado a tu pueblo.
Fue así como te ganaste
    la buena fama que hoy tienes.
11 A la vista de ellos abriste el mar,
    y lo cruzaron sobre terreno seco.
Pero arrojaste a sus perseguidores
    en lo más profundo del mar,
    como piedra en aguas caudalosas.
12 Con una columna de nube los guiaste de día,
    con una columna de fuego los guiaste de noche:
    les alumbraste el camino que debían seguir.

13 »Descendiste al monte Sinaí;
    desde el cielo les hablaste.
Les diste juicios rectos y leyes verdaderas,
    estatutos y mandamientos buenos.
14 Les diste a conocer tu sábado santo,
    y por medio de tu servidor Moisés
les entregaste tus mandamientos,
    estatutos y leyes.

15 »Saciaste su hambre con pan del cielo;
    calmaste su sed con agua de la roca.
Les diste posesión de la tierra
    que bajo juramento les habías prometido.
16 Pero ellos y nuestros padres fueron altivos;
    no quisieron obedecer tus mandamientos.
17 Se negaron a escucharte;
    no se acordaron de las maravillas
    que hiciste por ellos.
Fue tanta su terquedad y rebeldía
    que hasta se nombraron un jefe
para que los hiciera volver
    a la esclavitud de Egipto.
Pero tú no los abandonaste
    porque eres Dios perdonador,
    clemente y compasivo,
    lento para la ira y grande en amor.

18 »Y a pesar de que se hicieron
    un becerro de metal fundido
y dijeron: “Este es tu dios
    que te hizo subir de Egipto”,
y aunque fueron terribles
    las ofensas que cometieron,
19 tú no los abandonaste en el desierto
    porque eres muy compasivo.

»Jamás se apartó de ellos la columna de nube
    que los guiaba de día por el camino;
ni dejó de alumbrarlos la columna de fuego
    que de noche les mostraba por dónde ir.

20 »Con tu buen Espíritu les diste entendimiento.
    No les quitaste tu maná de la boca;
    les diste agua para calmar su sed.
21 Cuarenta años los sustentaste en el desierto.
    ¡Nada les faltó!
No se desgastaron sus vestidos
    ni se les hincharon los pies.

22 »Les entregaste reinos y pueblos,
    y asignaste a cada cual su territorio.
Conquistaron las tierras de Og y de Sijón,
    que eran reyes de Hesbón y de Basán.
23 Multiplicaste sus hijos
    como las estrellas del cielo;
los hiciste entrar en la tierra
    que bajo juramento les prometiste a sus padres.
24 Y sus hijos entraron en la tierra
    y tomaron posesión de ella.
Ante ellos sometiste a los cananeos que la habitaban;
    les entregaste reyes y pueblos de esa tierra,
    para que hicieran con ellos lo que quisieran.
25 Conquistaron ciudades fortificadas
    y una tierra fértil;
se adueñaron de casas repletas de bienes,
    de cisternas, viñedos y olivares,
    y de gran cantidad de árboles frutales.
Comieron y se hartaron y engordaron;
    ¡disfrutaron de tu gran bondad!

26 »Pero fueron desobedientes:
    se rebelaron contra ti,
    rechazaron tu ley,
mataron a tus profetas
    que los convocaban a volverse a ti;
    ¡te ofendieron mucho!
27 Por eso los entregaste a sus enemigos,
    y estos los oprimieron.
En tiempo de angustia clamaron a ti,
    y desde el cielo los escuchaste;
por tu inmensa compasión les enviaste salvadores
    para que los liberaran de sus enemigos.
28 Pero, en cuanto eran liberados,
    volvían a hacer lo que te ofende;
tú los entregabas a sus enemigos,
    y ellos los dominaban.
De nuevo clamaban a ti,
    y desde el cielo los escuchabas.
¡Por tu inmensa compasión
    muchas veces los libraste!
29 Les advertiste que volvieran a tu ley,
    pero ellos actuaron con soberbia
    y no obedecieron tus mandamientos.
Pecaron contra tus normas,
    que dan vida a quien las obedece.
En su rebeldía, te rechazaron;
    fueron tercos y no quisieron escuchar.

30 »Por años les tuviste paciencia;
    con tu Espíritu los amonestaste
por medio de tus profetas,
    pero ellos no quisieron escuchar.
Por eso los dejaste caer en manos
    de los pueblos de esa tierra.
31 Sin embargo, es tal tu compasión
    que no los destruiste ni abandonaste,
    porque eres Dios clemente y compasivo.

32 »Y ahora, Dios nuestro,
    Dios grande, temible y poderoso,
    que cumples el pacto y eres fiel,
no tengas en poco los sufrimientos
    que han padecido nuestros reyes,
    gobernantes, sacerdotes y profetas,
nuestros padres y todo tu pueblo,
    desde los reyes de Asiria hasta hoy.
33 Tú has sido justo en todo
    lo que nos ha sucedido,
porque actúas con fidelidad.
    Nosotros, en cambio, actuamos con maldad.
34 Nuestros reyes y gobernantes,
    nuestros sacerdotes y antepasados
desobedecieron tu ley
    y no acataron tus mandamientos
    ni las advertencias con que los amonestabas.
35 Pero ellos, durante su reinado,
    no quisieron servirte
    ni abandonar sus malas obras,
a pesar de que les diste muchos bienes
    y les regalaste una tierra extensa y fértil.

36 »Por eso ahora somos esclavos,
    esclavos en la tierra
que les diste a nuestros padres
    para que gozaran de sus frutos y sus bienes.
37 Sus abundantes cosechas son ahora de los reyes
    que nos has impuesto por nuestro pecado.
Como tienen el poder, hacen lo que quieren
    con nosotros y con nuestro ganado.
    ¡Grande es nuestra aflicción!

38 »Por todo esto, nosotros hacemos este pacto y lo ponemos por escrito, firmado por nuestros gobernantes, levitas y sacerdotes».

Notas al pie

  1. 9:3 tres horas … tres horas siguientes. Lit. una cuarta parte del día … una cuarta parte.
  2. 9:6 todas sus estrellas. Lit. todo su ejército.