Amplified Bible

Daniel 11

Conflicts to Come

1“Also I, in the first year of Darius the Mede, I (Gabriel) arose to be an encouragement and a protection for him. And now I will tell you the truth. Behold, [a]three more kings are going to arise in Persia. Then a [b]fourth will become far richer than all of them. When he becomes strong through his riches he will stir up the whole empire against the realm of Greece. Then a [c]mighty [warlike, threatening] king will arise who will rule with great authority and do as he pleases. But as soon as he (Alexander) has risen, his kingdom will be broken [by his death] and divided toward the four winds of heaven [the north, south, east, and west], but not to his descendants, nor according to the [Grecian] authority with which he ruled, for his kingdom will be torn out and uprooted and given to [d]others (his four generals) to the exclusion of these.

“Then the king of the South (Egypt) will be strong, along with one of his princes who will be stronger than he and have dominance over him; his domain will be a great dominion. After some years [e]the Syrian king of the North and the Egyptian king of the South will make an alliance; the [f]daughter (Berenice) of the king of the South will come to the [g]king of the North to make an equitable and peaceful agreement (marriage); [h]but she will not retain the power of her position, nor will he retain his power. She will be handed over with her attendants and her father as well as he who supported her in those times. But out of a branch of her [familial] roots will one (her brother, Ptolemy III Euergetes I) arise in his place, and he will come against the [Syrian] army and enter the fortress of the king of the North, and he will deal with them and will prevail. Also he will carry off to Egypt their [Syrian] gods with their cast images and their precious and costly treasure of silver and of gold, and he will refrain from waging war against the king of the North for some years. And the [i]king of the North will come into the realm of the king of the South, but he will retreat to his own country [badly defeated].

10 “His sons will prepare for battle and assemble a multitude of great forces; which will keep on coming and overflow [the land], and pass through, so that they may again wage war as far as his fortress. 11 The king of the South (Ptolemy IV Philopator of Egypt) will be enraged and go out and fight with the king of the North (Antiochus III the Great); and [j]the Syrian king will raise a great multitude (army), but the multitude shall be given into the hand of the Egyptian king. 12 When the multitude (army) is captured and carried away, the heart of the Egyptian king will be proud (arrogant), and he will cause tens of thousands to fall, but he will not prevail. 13 For the king of the North will again raise a multitude (army) greater than the one before, and after several years he will advance with a great army and substantial equipment.

14 “In those times many will rise up against the king of the South (Egypt); also the violent men among your own people will arise in order to fulfill the [earlier] visions, but they will fail. 15 Then the king of the North (Syria) will come and build up siege ramps and capture a well-fortified city. The forces of the South will not stand their ground, not even the finest troops, for there will be no strength to stand [against the Syrian king]. 16 But he (Syria) who comes against him (Egypt) will do exactly as he pleases, and no one will be able to stand against him; he (Antiochus III the Great) will also stay for a time in the Beautiful and Glorious Land [of Israel], with destruction in his hand. 17 He will be determined to come with the power of his entire kingdom, and propose equitable conditions and terms of peace, which he will put into effect [by making an agreement with the king of the South]. He will also give him his [k]daughter (Cleopatra I), in an attempt to overthrow the kingdom, but it will not succeed or be to his advantage. 18 After this, he (Antiochus III the Great, King of Syria) will turn his attention to the [l]islands and coastlands and capture many [of them]. But a commander (Lucius Scipio Asiaticus of Rome) will put an end to his aggression [toward Rome’s territorial interests]; in fact, he will repay his insolence and turn his audacity back upon him. 19 Then he will turn back toward the fortresses of his own land [of Syria], but he will stumble and fall and not be found.

20 “Then in his place one (his eldest son, Seleucus IV Philopator) will arise who will send an oppressor through the Jewel of his kingdom; yet within a few days he will be [m]shattered, though not in anger nor in battle. 21 And in his place [in Syria] will arise a [n]despicable and despised person, to whom royal majesty and the honor of kingship have not been conferred, but he will come [without warning] in a time of tranquility and seize the kingdom by intrigue. 22 The overwhelming forces [of the invading armies of Egypt] will be flooded away before him and smashed; and also the [o]prince of the covenant [will be smashed]. 23 After an [p]alliance is made with him he will work deceitfully, and he will go up and gain power with a small force of people. 24 In a time of tranquility, [without warning] he will enter the most productive and richest parts of the kingdom [of Egypt], and he will accomplish that which his fathers never did, nor his fathers’ fathers; he will distribute plunder, spoil and goods among them. He will devise plans against strongholds, but only for a time [decreed by God]. 25 He will stir up his strength and courage against [his former Egyptian ally] the king of the South (Ptolemy VI) with a great army; so the king of the South will prepare an extremely great and powerful army to wage war, but he will not stand, for schemes will be devised against him. 26 Yes, those who eat his fine food will betray and destroy him (Ptolemy VI), and his army will be swept away, and many will fall down slain. 27 And as for both of these [q]kings, their hearts will be set on doing evil; they will speak lies over the same table, but it will not succeed, for the end is yet to come at the appointed time. 28 Then he (Antiochus IV Epiphanes) will return to his land with great treasure (plunder); and his heart will be set against the holy covenant, and he will take action and return to his own land (Syria).

29 “At the time appointed [by God] he will return and come into the South, but this last time will not be successful as were the previous invasions [of Egypt]. 30 For ships of Cyprus [in Roman hands] will come against him; therefore he will be discouraged and turn back [to Israel] and carry out his rage against the holy covenant and take action; so he will return and show favoritism toward those [Jews] who abandon (break) the holy covenant [with God]. 31 Armed forces of his will arise [in Jerusalem] and defile and desecrate the sanctuary, the [spiritual] stronghold, and will do away with the regular sacrifice [that is, the daily burnt offering]; and they will set up [a pagan altar in the sanctuary which is] the abomination of desolation. 32 With smooth words [of flattery and praise] he will turn to godlessness those who [are willing to] disregard the [Mosaic] covenant, but the people who [are spiritually mature and] know their God will display strength and take action [to resist]. 33 They who are wise and have spiritual insight among the people will instruct many and help them understand; yet for many days some [of them and their followers] will fall by the sword and by flame, by captivity and by plunder. 34 Now when they fall they will receive a little help, and many will join with them in hypocrisy. 35 Some of those who are [spiritually] wise and have insight will fall [as martyrs] in order to refine, to purge and to make those among God’s people pure, until the end time; because it is yet to come at the time appointed [by God].

36 “Then the [r]king (the Antichrist) will do exactly as he pleases; he will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god and will speak astounding and disgusting things against the God of gods and he will prosper until the indignation is finished, for that which is determined [by God] will be done. 37 He will have no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he have regard for any other god, for he shall magnify himself above them all. 38 Instead, he will honor a god of fortresses, a god whom his fathers did not know; he will honor him with gold and silver, with precious stones and with expensive things. 39 He will act against the strongest fortresses with the help of a foreign god; he will give great honor to those who acknowledge him and he will cause them to rule over the many, and will parcel out land for a price.

40 “At the end time the king of the South will push and attack him (the Antichrist), and the king of the North will storm against him with chariots and horsemen and with many ships; and he will enter countries, overwhelm them and pass through. 41 He shall also enter the Beautiful and Glorious Land (Israel), and many countries will fall, but these will be rescued out of his hand: Edom, Moab, and the foremost [core] of the people of Ammon. 42 Then he will stretch out his hand against other countries, but Egypt will not be among the ones which escape. 43 He will have power over the treasures of gold and silver and over all the precious things of Egypt, and the Libyans and the Ethiopians will follow in his footsteps. 44 But rumors from the east and from the north will alarm and disturb him, and he will set out with great fury to destroy and to annihilate many. 45 He will pitch his palatial tents between the seas and the glorious Holy Mountain (Zion); yet he will come to his end with no one to help him [in his final battle with God].

Notas al pie

  1. Daniel 11:2 Cambyses the son of Cyrus, Psuedo-Smerdis, and Darius I Hystaspes.
  2. Daniel 11:2 Xerxes I who is also known as Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther.
  3. Daniel 11:3 There are many reasons for identifying this king as Alexander the Great, as well as identifying the other rulers according to their relationship to the events of those times. There is nothing in the context which makes it necessary to limit the passage to Alexander. Some ruler may arise in the end times to whom the prophecy will also apply.
  4. Daniel 11:4 See note 8:22.
  5. Daniel 11:6 Lit they will.
  6. Daniel 11:6 Berenice was the daughter of Ptolemy II Philadelphus.
  7. Daniel 11:6 King Antiochus II Theos of Syria.
  8. Daniel 11:6 King Antiochus II, Berenice and their baby were later murdered by the divorced wife of Antiochus II.
  9. Daniel 11:9 Seleucus II Callinicus, successor to Antiochus II Theos.
  10. Daniel 11:11 Lit the latter.
  11. Daniel 11:17 Cleopatra I, daughter of Antiochus III the Great, king of Syria, was married to Ptolemy V Epiphanes of Egypt. She supported her husband instead of her father during his attempt to conquer Egypt.
  12. Daniel 11:18 Greek and Mediterranean territories under Rome’s influence.
  13. Daniel 11:20 Seleucus IV was poisoned soon after coming to power.
  14. Daniel 11:21 This contemptible conqueror is identified as Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the younger son of Antiochus III the Great, king of Syria, and is a type of the final Antichrist referred to in Dan 11:36; 2 Thess 2:3-12; 1 John 4:3; 2 John 7; and Rev 13:5-8. Antiochus IV Epiphanes attempted to destroy the worship of the true God by robbing the temple of its gold and silver treasures related to worship and setting up a statue of Jupiter in the Holy of Holies. He also breached the walls of Jerusalem, ordered a daily sacrifice of pig, forbade circumcision and destroyed all the sacred scrolls he could find (see note 8:10).
  15. Daniel 11:22 Onias III, the high priest at Jerusalem, was murdered by his brother Menelaus, who supported Antiochus IV Epiphanes. Antiochus IV later named Menelaus as high priest.
  16. Daniel 11:23 Antiochus IV allied himself with Ptolemy VI Philometer, in opposition to Ptolemy VII Euergetes II, as a deceptive way to plunder and conquer much of Egypt.
  17. Daniel 11:27 Ptolemy VI who was designated to rule at Memphis, and Ptolemy VII who was designated to rule at Alexandria, lied to Antiochus IV Epiphanes, and established a joint rule.
  18. Daniel 11:36 The Antichrist is the subject from this point in the prophecy to the end of the chapter.

Japanese Living Bible

ダニエル書 11



今、その私が、将来起こることをあなたに示そうとしている。さらに三人のペルシヤ人の王が治め、そのあと、この三人よりはるかに富んだ第四の者が王位を継ぐ。この王は、その富を政治的に利用し、ギリシヤに全面戦争をしかける。 その時、ギリシヤに強力な王が起こる。この王は、広大な国を治め、計画したことをすべて実現する。 だが、その権力の絶頂で王国は崩壊し、分割されてこれよりも弱い四つの国になる。しかも、それらの国も王の息子たちのものとはならず、ほかの者たちに与えられる。

そのうちの一人、エジプトの王は権力を増すが、高官の一人が反逆して王国を乗っ取り、さらに強大な国にする。 数年後、シリヤの王とエジプトの王とは同盟を結ぶ。エジプト王の娘が、和睦のしるしとしてシリヤの王に嫁がされる。だが、彼女はやがてシリヤの王に対する影響力を失い、彼女自身の期待だけでなく、父親であるエジプト王をはじめ、大使や、彼女が産んだ子どもの期待をも踏みにじる結果となる。

だが、彼女の兄弟がエジプトの王になると、軍隊を率いてシリヤの王と戦い、ついに打ち負かす。 エジプトに凱旋する時、彼はシリヤの偶像や高価な金銀の食器類を、戦利品として持ち帰る。そののち何年間か、彼はシリヤの王にかまわない。 そうこうするうち、シリヤの王は短期間エジプトを侵略するが、すぐに自分の国へ帰ってしまう。

10-11 ところが、このシリヤ王の息子たちは大軍を集めて、イスラエルからエジプトへ洪水のように押し寄せ、攻め入ろうとする。それを見てエジプトの王は非常に怒り、シリヤの大軍を迎え撃って敗走させる。 12 この大勝利に気をよくした王は、さらに幾千もの敵を打ち殺すが、その勝利は長続きしない。 13 二、三年してシリヤの王は、かつて敗北した時よりもはるかに装備された大軍を率いて、攻め返す。 14 その時は、他の国々もエジプト攻撃に加わる。さらに、あなたの同胞であるユダヤ人の暴徒もそれに加わり、こうして預言を実現させようとするが、失敗に終わる。 15 それから、シリヤの王と同盟国軍が攻め寄せ、エジプトの要塞化された町を包囲し、占領する。エジプトが誇る精兵も打ち負かされる。 16 シリヤの王は抵抗を受けずに攻め進み、だれもそれを食い止めることができない。彼はまた、『栄光の国』イスラエルに踏み込み、そこを略奪する。 17 全エジプトを征服しようとするシリヤの王の策略は、自分もエジプトの王と同盟を結び、娘を政略結婚させ、その国を内部からくつがえそうというものである。だが計画は失敗する。 18 そののち、シリヤの王は沿岸の町々に目を向け、その多くを征服する。だが、一人の将軍がその攻撃を阻み、不面目な退却を余儀なくさせる。 19 王は再び国へ引き返すが、途中で災難に会い、姿を消す。

20 彼の後継者は、イスラエルに収税官を派遣した王として知られるが、ごく短期間、王座にあるだけで、戦争にも暴動にもよらず、不可解な死に方をする。 21 その跡を継ぐ王は、王家の血筋に関係のない悪者で、国の危機に乗じて、巧言と陰謀で王国を奪い取る。 22 彼の前から、祭司の指導者を含むすべての反対者が一掃される。 23 この王の約束は無意味で、そのやり口は最初から欺きによる。ほんの一にぎりの側近を伴って、彼は強大な権力者となる。 24 彼は不意に、その国の最も肥沃な地域に侵入し、だれもしたことがないことをする。富む者たちの富と財産を取り上げて、民に気前よく与えるのだ。領土内の強力な要塞をうまく包囲し攻略するが、これも短期間のことだ。 25 それから、彼は勇気を奮い起こし、大軍を率いてエジプトを攻める。エジプトも強力な軍隊をもって応戦するが、どうすることもできない。エジプトに対する陰謀が功を奏するからだ。 26 エジプト王の身内の者たちが彼に反逆し、軍隊も持ち場を捨てて、多くの人が殺される。 27 この二人の王は、会談の席でも互いにだまし合い、陰謀を巡らし合う。だが、それで事情が変わるわけではない。神の定めた時がくるまで、どちらも成功することはない。 28 シリヤの王はばく大な富を携えて国へ帰って行くが、真っ先にイスラエルに進撃して、これを滅ぼそうとする。

29 それから、定められた時に、すでに脅しをかけておいたとおり、再び南へ軍隊を進めるが、今度は以前のようにはいかない。 30-31 というのも、ローマの軍艦におびえて退却し、国へ逃げ帰るはめになるからだ。退却を余儀なくされた王は腹を立て、再びエルサレムを襲って聖所を汚し、毎日のささげ物をやめさせ、神殿の中で偶像を礼拝する。エルサレムを去る時、父祖の信仰を捨ててしまった不信仰なユダヤ人を、権力の座につかせる。 32 王は、神を憎む者たちにこびて、自分の側につかせようとする。だが、神を知る人々は勢力を増し、大きなことを行うようになる。 33 その時霊的理解力を備えた人々は、多くの人を教える幅広い働きをする。だが、いつも危険にさらされ、そのうちの多くの者は火や剣で殺され、あるいは獄につながれ、略奪される。 34 やがて、こうした迫害も収まるだろう。だが、不信仰な者たちの中から、援助の手を差し伸べるように見せかけ、実は自分たちに有利に事を運ぼうとする者たちが現れる。 35 その時には、神のことをよく悟っている人々の中からも、つまずき倒れる者が出る。これは、神の定めた試練が終わる時まで、彼らを精錬し純化するためである。


36 この王は、何でも自分の好きなようにふるまい、どんな神よりも自分は偉いと主張して、まことの神さえも冒瀆し、なお栄えている。それも彼の時が終わるまでだ。神の計画は揺らぐことがないから。 37 彼は先祖の神々も、女たちの慕う神も、その他のどんな神も心にかけない。どの神々よりも自分は偉いと思い上がっている。 38 その代わりに、先祖たちの知らなかった、とりでの神を礼拝し、高価なささげ物を惜しげもなくささげる。 39 この神の助けによると主張して、彼は最強を誇るとりでの攻略に成功する。また、自分によく従う者たちを重用し、彼らに権力を与え、報奨として領土を与える。

40 それから、終わりの時がくると、南の王は北の王に再び攻めかかる。北の王はつむじ風のような力と狂暴さをもって反撃し、その巨大な陸軍と海軍の総力をあげて、南の王を葬り去ろうと攻め寄せる。 41 進撃の途上、麗しい国イスラエルを含む多くの国々を侵略し、その政府を打ち倒す。モアブとエドム、およびアモンの大部分は侵略を免れる。 42 だが、エジプトと他の多くの国々は占領される。 43 彼はエジプトの宝物を戦利品とし、リビヤ人やエチオピヤ人を従わせる。 44 ところが、東と北からの知らせが王を脅かし、激しい怒りに燃えて引き返す時、その行く先々を荒らし回る。 45 彼はエルサレムと海との間に立ち止まり、そこに本営を置く。ところが、そこに滞在する間に、突然、彼の時が終わり、助ける者は一人もいなくなる。