Amplified Bible

2 Corinthians 8

Great Generosity

1Now, brothers and sisters, we want to tell you about the grace of God which has been evident in the churches of Macedonia [awakening in them a longing to contribute]; for during an ordeal of severe distress, their abundant joy and their deep poverty [together] overflowed in the wealth of their lavish generosity. For I testify that according to their ability, and beyond their ability, they gave voluntarily, begging us insistently for the privilege of participating in the service for [the support of] the saints [in Jerusalem]. Not only [did they give materially] as we had hoped, but first they gave themselves to the Lord and to us [as His representatives] by the will of God [disregarding their personal interests and giving as much as they possibly could]. So we urged Titus that, as he began it, he should also complete this gracious work among you as well.

But just as you excel in everything, [and lead the way] in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in genuine concern, and in your love for us, see that you excel in this gracious work [of giving] also. I am not saying this as a command [to dictate to you], but to prove, by [pointing out] the enthusiasm of others, the sincerity of your love as well. For you are recognizing [more clearly] the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [His astonishing kindness, His generosity, His gracious favor], that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that by His poverty you might become rich (abundantly blessed). 10 I give you my opinion in this matter: this is to your advantage, who were the first to begin a year ago not only to take action [to help the believers in Jerusalem], but also [the first] to desire to do it. 11 So now finish this, so that your eagerness in desiring it may be equaled by your completion of it, according to your ability. 12 For if the eagerness [to give] is there, it is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have. 13 For it is not [intended] that others be relieved [of their responsibility] and that you be [a]burdened [unfairly], but [b]that there be equality [in sharing the burden]— 14 at this present time your surplus [over necessities] is going to supply their need, so that [at some other time] their surplus may be given to supply your need, that there may be equality; 15 as it is written [in Scripture], “He who gathered much did not have too much, and he who gathered little did not lack.”

16 But thanks be to God who puts the same genuine concern for you in the heart of Titus. 17 For Titus not only accepted our appeal, but was so very interested in you that he has gone to visit you of his own accord. 18 And we have sent along with him the [c]brother who is praised in the gospel [ministry] throughout all the churches; 19 and not only this, but he has also been appointed by the churches to travel with us in regard to this gracious offering which we are administering for the glory of the Lord Himself, and to show our eagerness [as believers to help one another]. 20 We are taking precaution so that no one will [find anything with which to] discredit us in our administration of this generous gift. 21 For we have regard for what is honorable [and above suspicion], not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men. 22 We have sent with them our brother, whom we have often tested and found to be diligent in many things, but who is now even more diligent [than ever] because of his great confidence in you. 23 As for Titus, he is my partner and fellow worker in your service; and as for the [other two] brothers, they are [special] [d]messengers of the churches, a glory and credit to Christ. 24 Therefore, show these men, in the sight of the churches, the proof of your love and our reason for being proud of you.

Notas al pie

  1. 2 Corinthians 8:13 Lit afflicted.
  2. 2 Corinthians 8:13 Lit from equality.
  3. 2 Corinthians 8:18 The identity of this man is unknown—perhaps it was Luke.
  4. 2 Corinthians 8:23 Lit apostles, but not a reference to the original apostles.

Nkwa Asem

Korintofo II 8


1Anuanom, yɛpɛ sɛ muhu nea Onyankopɔn adom ayɛ wɔ Makedonia asɔre ahorow mu. Wɔnam sɔhwɛ ahorow a ɛtoo wɔn a wodii saa sɔhwɛ no so no asɔ wɔn ahwɛ pa ara. Nanso na wɔn ani gye wɔn ho tumi fi wɔn hia mu yɛ adɔe ma ɛboro so. Midi ho adanse sɛ wɔmaa nea wobetumi ma ɛboroo so mpo. Wɔn ara fi wɔn pɛ mu srɛɛ yɛn sɛ yɛmma wɔmfa sika no na wɔnkɔma Kristofo a wɔwɔ Yudea no bi. Nanso wɔyɛ ma ɛboroo so. Nea edi kan no, wɔde wɔn ho maa Awurade. Afei, wofi Onyankopɔn pɛ mu de wɔn ho maa yɛn nso. Enti yɛka kyerɛɛ Tito a ofii adwuma yi ase se, ɔntoa so na ɔmmoa mo na moatumi awie saa ɔdɔ adwuma yi. Moyɛ adefo wɔ nea mowɔ nyinaa mu: ɔkasa mu ne nimdeɛ mu, mmoa a ɛyɛ mo pɛ sɛ moboa mu, ne ɔdɔ a mode dɔ yɛn mu. Enti yɛpɛ sɛ mode ahofama som wɔ ɔdɔ mu.

Merenhyehyɛ mmara mma mo. Na mmom mepɛ sɛ mede mo dɔ a mowɔ no toto afoforo de ho hwɛ sɛ mo dɔ no yɛ ɔdɔ pa ara anaa.

Munim adom a na yɛn Awurade Yesu Kristo wɔ. Ɔdefo a na ɔyɛ no nyinaa akyi, mo nti, ɔyɛɛ ne ho ohiani sɛnea ɛbɛyɛ a ɔnam ne hia no so bɛma mo ayɛ adefo.

10 M’adwene a mewɔ wɔ asɛm no ho ni: Eye sɛ mprempren ara mubewie nea mufitii ase afe a etwaam no. Ɛnyɛ sɛ mudii kan dii dwuma nko na mmom sɛ munyaa ɔpɛ no sɛ mobɛyɛ. 11 Monkɔ so na munwie dwuma no di. Momma mo ho mpere mo sɛ mobewie te sɛ nea morefa ho adwene de nea mowɔ ayɛ. 12 Sɛ wo ho pere wo sɛ wobɛma a, Onyankopɔn nam nea wowɔ so begye na ɛnyɛ nea wunni so.

13 Merennye nkurɔfo adesoa mmegu mo so na mmom esiane sɛ mowɔ bebree saa bere yi mu no nti, ɛyɛ fɛ sɛ moboa wɔn a wonni bi no. 14 Na sɛ ɛba sɛ biribi ho hia mo na sɛ wɔwɔ bi a, wɔaboa mo. Eyi ma mo nyinaa yɛ pɛ. 15 Sɛnea Kyerɛwsɛm no ka se, “Onipa a ɔboaboaa dodow ano no annya dodow na onipa a ɔboaboaa kakraa bi ano no annya kakraa bi koraa.”

16 Yɛda Onyankopɔn ase sɛ wama Tito ho pere no sɛ yɛn ara wɔ mmoa a yɛpɛ sɛ yɛde boa mo no ho. 17 Ɛnyɛ sɛ ɔpenee yɛn abisade so nko na mmom ɔno ankasa fii ne pɛ mu pɛe sɛ ɔboa nti na osii n’adwene pi sɛ ɔbɛba mo nkyɛn no. 18 Yɛresoma onua bi a wobu no wɔ asɔre horow no nyinaa mu wɔ asɛnka no ho no aka ne ho. 19 Ɛno akyi asɔre horow no ayi no sɛ ɔne yɛn ntutu akwan wɔ mmere a yɛredi ɔdɔ ho dwuma de ahyɛ Awurade anuonyam yi no, na yɛmfa nkyerɛ nso sɛ yɛpɛ sɛ yɛboa.

20 Yɛhwɛ yɛn ho so yiye sɛ asɛm biara remma ɔkwan a yɛbɛfa so de saa akyɛde yi adi dwuma no ho. 21 Yɛn botae ne sɛ, yɛbɛyɛ nea eye wɔ Awurade ne nnipa anim.

22 Enti yɛresoma yɛn nuabarima aka wɔn ho. Yɛasɔ no akwan horow bebree so ahwɛ na yɛahu sɛ ɛyɛ ne pɛ sɛ ɔboa. Na mprempren a wanya mo mu ahotoso yi, ɛbɛma ne ho apere no sɛ ɔbɛboa. 23 Tito de, ɔyɛ me boafo a ɔne me yɛ adwuma de boa mo na anuanom a wɔne no rekɔ no de, wɔyɛ asɔre ahorow ananmusifo a wɔhyɛ Kristo anuonyam. 24 Momma wonhu ɔdɔ a modɔ wɔn sɛnea ɛbɛyɛ a asafo no nyinaa behu sɛ hoa a yɛde mo hoahoa yɛn ho no, yɛ nokware.