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See What Other People Have Asked Biblica

What’s a good Bible story to share with someone when you’re sharing God’s Word with them for the first time?

The word “trinity” is never used in the Bible to describe God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. So how did it become an important Christian doctrine and how do I explain the concept to others?

What do you say to someone who believes the Bible is fiction because of the miracle stories?

When is Jesus Christ and God coming down to Earth/the world?

Will all evil ever be solved/go away?

Who are the four people in Revelation chapter 4 sitting in front of God's throne.

What does God say about suicide?

Does the Bible affirm there is an actual hell and who will be sent there? What about 'the wages of sin is death'? Does that verse mean death is hell?

What does a person have to do to be born again?

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