Translating the NIV Bible

Almost 50 years of world-class scholarship has gone into translating the New International Version. The NIV translators are leading evangelical scholars with an unwavering commitment to the authority of Scripture, an understanding aquired by decades of experience in the biblical languages, and an unrelenting passion to get the words right.

Translation is not easy. It's part science -understanding the form, structure, and word meaning of another language and part art -trying to recreate the original reader’s experience in another language.

The stakes are even higher when translating the Bible. This is not just any text. This is God’s Word. The NIV translators apply decades of experience in the biblical languages to deliver the most faithful translation possible: a balance between careful attention to the form of the original and clarity of meaning in contemporary English.

The result? A Bible translation that's true to the original Scriptures and understandable to you.

Meet the translators

Learn more about the 15 members of the Committee on Bible Translation and how they approach the task of faithfully translating God’s Word into contemporary English. More

Translation process

How is the NIV Bible translated? Learn more about the rigorous process the NIV translation team follows to make sure they get the words right. More

Translation philosophy

As close as possible to the original text of Scripture, as understandable as possible to the reader. That’s the NIV’s approach to Bible translation. More