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Imagine if there were no Bibles in your language. This is the reality for as many as 4 billion people — more than half the world’s population

Help us translate Bibles into the Major Languages of the World!

Our approach to translation can be summed up in four points:

  1. Major languages
    We prioritize languages spoken by a million or more people so we can maximize the impact of every Bible translation we produce.
  2. The whole Bible
    “All Scripture is God breathed,” as Paul told Timothy. So we translate the whole Bible, starting with the New Testament, then the Old. We also translate study notes whenever possible, so people can better understand their Bible.
  3. The best combination of accuracy and readability
    Everyone deserves the best translation possible in their language. Our locally based translators start with the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts. They work as a team, protecting their translation from bias. Each translation is then subjected to rigorous review to ensure maximum accuracy and readability in the target language.
  4. Print, digital text, and audio
    Our work isn’t done when the translation is finished. We’re actively digitizing our Bible translations so we can deliver them to mobile devices in text and audio formats. Our top 27 translations alone have the potential to reach 4 billion people. Learn more about our digital Bible initiative.

You can help. So far, we've digitized 10 of our top Bible translations, but we need your financial support to digitize the next 17 so we can reach even more people with God's Word.


Raised of $20,000 Goal


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Donated Bibles in Prisons = Changed Lives!

Howies Story

Howie's story is an moving example of the changed lives that result from donating bibles to prisons. Help us get these Bibles into the hands of inmates.

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Watch John's story. Do you have what it takes?

Bibles to Alaska

Can you find opportunities to provide Bibles to your community? Watch this encouraging story about how John stepped out in faith and the impact that it had in his community in Alaska. To date he has donated and passed out over 150,000 Bibles.

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