How it works

Community Bible Experience helps churches immerse themselves in God’s Word, simply by reading and talking about Scripture together. We offer it freely to churches, because we believe everyone should be able to connect deeply with the Bible.

The basics

Churches that participate in Community Bible Experience read the whole New Testament in 8 weeks. (Additional campaigns taking churches through the rest of the Bible are in the works.) Here's how it works...

Read bigThe Books of the Bible

Participants read (or listen to) The Books of the Bible, a groundbreaking edition of the NIV that restores a more natural presentation of the text. It’s about as close as you can get to the original Bible without learning Greek.

Learn more about The Books of the Bible

Read real40-day reading plan

We provide a 40-day reading plan for the entire New Testament. (More campaigns are on the way.) Participants read around 12 pages a day 5 days a week. The exact length varies, because each day’s reading ends at a natural stopping point, instead of random intervals. Most of the readings can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Preview the 8-week reading plan

Read togetherSmall groups

Participants gather in weekly small groups, but this is not just another Bible study. The conversation is more like a book club. We provide 5 simple questions—discussion prompts to help you reflect on the text. There are no workbooks, no fill-in-the-blank answers. Just honest, open conversation about the Bible.

Learn more about small groups

A partnership, not a product

We offer Community Bible Experience to churches at no cost. Everything is provided freely, including:

  • Print Bibles for every participant
  • Downloadable eBook and audio versions
  • An abridged audio New Testament for kids
  • Daily videos
  • And more

We’re not interested in selling another product. We want to ignite a renewal of Bible reading in the church. We believe everyone should be able to experience the Bible this way.

In return, participating churches commit to two things:

  1. Being "all in." We've learned that Community Bible Experience works best when everyone is invited to take part. If anything is worth rallying your whole church around, it's the Bible.
  2. Helping us share Community Bible Experience with other churches. You’ll be asked to play a short video at the end of your campaign, inviting participants to contribute to our ministry efforts, so we can share Community Bible Experience with even more churches. Preview the video here

What comes next?

Let us know if you’d like to bring Community Bible Experience to your church. We’ll have one of our Community Bible Experience specialists get in touch to answer any questions and help you take the next step. Sign up

Once you decide to participate, we’ll sign a partnership agreement with your church and send your Bibles. You’ll also have immediate access to all the digital campaign materials, including eBook and audio versions of The Books of the Bible. Preview the partnership agreement