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Community Bible Experience takes you beyond fragmented reading and traditional Bible study methods so you can experience the whole New Testament with your church, small group, or with a gathering of friends.

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There are more Bibles than ever. But fewer of us are reading God’s Word. What if we could change this trend by changing the way we read?

What if we could read whole books instead of just a verse here or there? What if we could engage the Bible in its original context, reading on its terms instead of ours? And what if we experienced the Bible together, instead of just reading on our own?

Community Bible Experience helps you read big, read real, and read together — so you can become a lifelong Bible reader.

Not just any Bible

For 8 weeks, you’ll read from The Books of the Bible, an NIV New Testament designed to be read from cover to cover. There’s no added formatting. Just pure Bible text, bringing readers as close as you can get to the original without learning Greek. More >

Not just any reading plan

We’ve taken the guesswork out of reading Scripture with an 8-week reading plan covering the entire New Testament. The average daily reading is 12 pages and can be completed in around 30 minutes. More >

Not just any small group Bible study

Participants gather in weekly small groups to discuss five simple questions around their Bible reading. These groups are designed to feel more like book clubs than traditional Bible studies, making it easy for anyone to participate. More >

Bible reading doesn't happen by accident. You need a plan to help people connect with God's Word.

Community Bible Experience will ignite a renewal of Bible reading in your church.

We've had people testify to not having read the Bible as much in 20 years as what they read
during Community Bible Experience.

— Hugh Moore, Bangor Elim Church, Northern Ireland

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