The Passages Bible Exhibit

About the Passages Bible Exhibit

Biblica is pleased to be a part of the Passages Bible Exhibit. Take a walk through the history of the Bible in this private collection of rare biblical texts and objects of enormous importance. Come visit this highly contextual, interactive format exhibiting more than 30,000 biblical antiquities. We invite you to attend this event. To learn more, explore Passages online. Heard about Biblica from the Passages Bible Exhibit? Download FREE iPad Apps available from this page.

About Biblica and Its Work With Translation

Since 1810, Biblica has translated God’s Word into over 100 languages, focusing on accuracy and clarity. We translate the Bible for major language groups of 1 million-plus speakers. This represents 389 potential languages spoken by 94% of the world’s population.

The work of Bible translation is not complete until both the Old and New Testament are available in every language. In 1978, Biblica published the New International Version Bible (NIV). It is the world’s most-read and most-trusted contemporary English version.

We appreciate your partnership in prayer and financial support to help Biblica finish the work of translating God’s Word. Help men, women, and children receive God’s Word in their heart language so they will encounter Jesus Christ and have their lives transformed.

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