• Biblica enters into expanded partnership with HarperCollins Christian Publishing

    Companies agree to transition Biblica’s low-cost outreach Bible business to Zondervan

  • Biblica board names Dr. Carl A. Moeller as new CEO

    Moeller to succeed outgoing CEO Doug Lockhart as Biblica continues its third century of ministry

  • 100,000 signs people want to go deeper with the Bible

    What if the conventional wisdom that “shorter is better” doesn’t apply when it comes to the Bible? And what if we could turn social media—the king of fragmented content—into a tool for helping people connect more deeply with the Scriptures?

  • An Evening with Philip Yancey

    Biblica is proud to sponsor "Philip Yancey Live: A Conversation on Vanishing Grace," a 7-city tour for his newest book, Vanishing Grace. With more than 15 million books in print, Yancey is one of the most respected Christian writers of the past 50 years. He’s also a passionate advocate for better Bible engagement. Tour info

  • What we can learn about the Bible from a Kickstarter campaign

    When Adam Lewis Greene launched Bibliotheca—and cast his vision for a high-quality, literary edition of the Bible—he hoped to raise $37,000 on Kickstarter. He ended up raising almost $1.5 million. If there were any doubts that people are hungry for a better Bible reading experience, they’ve officially been put to rest.

  • Migrant children need God's Word

    More than 57,000 unaccompanied children from Central America have crossed the U.S. border since October 2013, fleeing gang- and drug-related violence in their home countries. Whatever their future may hold, these children need hope. Help share God's Word with them.

  • What's missing from a military chaplain's biography?

    Military chaplains are unsung heroes. Their greatest achievement—quietly meeting the spiritual needs of America’s service members—will never be noted in any official record of their service. But they serve anyway. Biblica supports US military chaplains by equipping them with Bibles for soldiers and their families.

  • Remembering Ron Youngblood

    Ronald F. Youngblood, one of the original translators of the NIV Bible, passed away last week, shortly after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was 83. He turned a childhood passion for the Bible into a lifetime of making sure that everyone, even the smallest child, can read and understand God’s Word.

  • Beyond the Bible literacy crisis

    Bible literacy is at a crisis point, as Biola professor Kenneth Berding noted in a recent article. But what’s behind the steady drop in Bible reading? Is Bible literacy—knowing more facts about Scripture—really the end goal? And can we turn a generation of non-Bible readers into Bible lovers?

  • Biblica teams up with Bible-based game show

    The American Bible Challenge recently returned to Thursday nights on the Game Show Network. Check out this "Bible Bite" trivia question we created for the show. And be sure to catch The American Bible Challenge on Thursday nights at 8/7c!